Corporate Advisory Services is an umbrella term that encompasses specialized advice’s rendered to corporate houses by professional advisers such as Chartered accountants, Company Secretary, investment banks, law practitioners and host of similar service providers.

Our Professional Team advises and provides services on various aspects of the Companies Act, 2013, Income Tax Act, GST,  Indian Stamp Act, 1989, Corporate Restructuring, Legal Drafting which includes but does not limit to the incorporation of all kinds of Companies in India, Establishment of Branch, Liaison & Representative office in India, Advisory on composition of Board of Directors and Control of the Company, Issues relating to Share Capital, Mortgage, and Hypothecation, Liquidation and Winding Up of Companies. At many instances, firm organize and manage the meetings of Board of Directors, Members, creditors, etc., on behalf of client Companies. Firm advises on Secretarial Compliances to a number of Companies on a retainer ranging from small, medium sized Companies to listed Companies. The firm also undertakes the representative services on behalf of its clients before statutory authorities’ viz., Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, Regional Director, National Company Law Tribunal, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Stock Exchanges.

Business advisory services: It is related to considerations involved in corporate restructuring, joint ventures and collaborations, and cross-border investments. This entails rendering of corporate advisory services pertaining to a company’s present and future businesses from a strategic and financial perspective. Our Team Professionals render the following services:

  1. Entry Strategy Plans: This advice is required by a company when it plans to venture in to a new business either in a new line of business or existing line of business in a new market be it local or international. The strategy can be in terms of the corporate structure of a product and pricing strategy, target market segment, strategic alliance etc. Let us consider an example of an Indian company planning to set shop in a foreign country. The strategic recommendation required by the company can be a decision between establishing a wholly owned subsidiary vis-à-vis a joint venture with a local partner.


  1. Project Feasibility Plans: The viability of a proposed business has to be examined from a business, technology, and financial perspective before any fundraising activity is carried out by the corporate. Our Professional Team has the capability to conduct such feasibility studies from a business and financial perspective since they have in-depth information on each industry space.


  1. Corporate Plans: Companies need to formulate medium to long-term corporate plans in order to carry out their expansion and business strategy. Those companies which do not have an in-house corporate planning department, depend on investment banks for these services and those companies which have an in-house corporate planning department, belief in getting the same vetted by our professional Team. The formulation of corporate plans involve:

  • In-depth examination of the industry
  • In-depth examination of the business
  • Identification of growth drivers
  • Market positioning
  • Product policies
  • Diversification strategies
  • Corporate and group structure etc


  1. Business Alliances: This relates to joint ventures, collaborations and other such strategic relationships between two corporate entities that are brought about due to business compulsions or to harness synergies and complementary strengths. Our Professional Team carries out the following tasks in this regard:

  •  Identification of partners with complementary strengths or synergies
  • Due diligence and valuation aspects
  • Negotiation and deal making