What is Trademark Registration?


Trademark in India is registered by the controller general of patents design and trademarks. Logos are registered under Trademark Act. 1999 and trademark owner has right to sue for any loss of revenue or reputation when infringements of trademark occur. if you are willing to register a brand name you can contact a CS or lawyer who can file online trademark registration on IP India website.

Trademark is any unique name for products or services that can be differentiated from others it may be a logo, graphics, photograph, word, sound or even smell. A company should register its brand name or logo.

A registered trademark is an intellectual property for a company and is used to protect the company’s investment in the brand. Trademark registration enables owners to establish the right to the trademarks easily in the court proceeding and earn royalties or recover the loss from the illegal use of a registered trademark.

Trademark Act supersedes all other laws related to brand name protection. A trademark search is easy, and you can quickly check whether it can be registered with the same name, to check if your brand name matches with existing brands. You can quickly register your trademark or logo within 3-4 working days.

What is included in Trademark registration Services?

  • Trademark Research: A thorough search & research of the TM directory with a registration class.
  • Drafting of authorization letter: We will draft authorization letter to file a trademark application on the behalf of a brand owner
  • Discussion for Logo or wordmark Registration: Advice on the classes you need to apply under trademark act.
  • Final Application & Advice on Logo Registration: After Client approval on trademark class of registration and we will file a final application for the trademark.
  • Regular notification: You will receive updates until registration is done.

Advantage of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection

The proprietor of a registered trademark is allowed to take action or sue for loss or damages caused by any third party.

Brand value

Trademark registration creates an intellectual property of a company; trade is an intangible for a company. A registered trademark can be sold or can franchised, or licensed to generate revenue.

Trust or Goodwill

Customer prefers to buy product or services from a brand or company whose trademark is registered. Customer feels secure about the reliability of the brand.

Documents required while registration

  1. PAN Card or Passport or Election ID Card
  2. Scanned copy of Registration Certificate
  3. Scanned copy of Voter’s ID/Passport/Driver’s License
  4. Signed Trademark application
  5. JPG Format of Logo/Brand Name